Survey, surgical smoke exposure in operating rooms

Understanding the Risks of Surgical Smoke: we want to hear from you!

During almost all surgical procedures, heat-producing equipment is used in patients’ tissue for dissection or haemostasis. This generates a gaseous by-product known as surgical smoke. Surgical smoke contains chemical and biological substances that are mutagenic, carcinogenic, and possibly infectious.

Recognizing this, a survey was conducted in 2021 with European hospital staff, particularly OR nurses, to gauge awareness of surgical smoke and associated health risks.

In 2023, the @Surgical Smoke Coalition is building upon this work. We’re reaching out to healthcare professionals and leaders across Europe to reassess awareness and practices in addressing surgical smoke risks.

Your participation in our survey takes just a few minutes, but the insights gained are crucial for our campaign towards a smoke-free operating room. Join us in this important movement to protect people working in the OR.

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